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Advanced TypeScript

Become a TypeScript Wizard - learn the tricks open-source libraries use to build dynamic, robust types.

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Getting better at TS is really hard right now. The secrets of advanced TypeScript are hidden away inside open source libraries or deep in Twitter threads.

Plus, it's hard to deny that TS is the future. It's seeing massive adoption and being an expert can make you enormously employable.

"The Rodney Mullen of TypeScript"

Wes Bos | Host of Syntax FM

I want to make a video course that brings together everything I've learned as a TS engineer and OSS maintainer for XState. We'll be covering all the tricks the docs don't teach you.

We'll start at an intermediate level, and work up into a super-advanced level. It's going to be the most advanced TS course on the market. I want to turn you into your company's resident TypeScript wizard - the one they turn to for advice.

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We'll go through all the fundamentals of advanced TS. We'll look at generics, conditional types, mapped types, tuples - everything you need to feel confident looking at complicated TS code.

I'll assume you have a beginner's knowledge of TypeScript. We'll start from the complicated stuff (generics!) and work upwards.

Type Challenges

From there, we'll work through the type-challenges repo - a list of over 100 TypeScript challenges that offer a stern test of advanced TypeScript users. This will be a problem/solution setup - I'll set up the problem, then let you have a go at the solution.

This will test your TypeScript muscles and give you a massive, comprehensive set of challenges to work through at your pace.

OSS Deep Dives

Finally, we'll look at TypeScript in the wild. I've got interviews lined up with several open source library maintainers who will guide you through 5-10 of the top TS Open Source repo's out there.

We'll focus on the tricks they used to solve their hardest TS challenges - and the architectural decisions that led them there.

"Your TS tips are 🔥"

Shawn "swyx" Wang | Author and Developer Advocate

I'm so excited to work on this, and I can't wait to tell you more about it. I'll make sure to keep you updated on, and I'll only email you if I think you'll find it useful.