Frequently Asked Questions

When will Total TypeScript be out?

It's out! My course is available at Total TypeScript and you can get it right now.

What's that ^? syntax you use to highlight types in your videos?

It's a VSCode extension written by Orta Therox. I've got a video about it on my YouTube.

What's the best way to ask you a TypeScript question?

Ask it in my Discord Server in the #ask-the-wizards channel.

I get a lot of folks asking me questions - which I'm super grateful for! But these days I just can't get to all of them.

So the Discord server is a place where a bunch of helpful wizards hang out to help answer questions.

Make sure you include a link with your problem in the TypeScript playground. This ensures that the wizards can help you as easily as possible.

What's the best way to contact you for business enquiries?

My Twitter DM's are the best place to reach me. I don't respond to all the messages I receive (there are so many) but I do read them all.

If you don't have Twitter, then ping an email to